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The Neoliberal Politics of ‘Smart’: Electricity Consumption, Data Analytics, and Ubiquitous Financialization. Canadian Journal of Communication 40 (4) (November): 615-636. With Anthony M Levenda and Geralds Sussman. doi:10.22230/cjc.2015v40n4a2928


Lost in Place: Why the persistence and spread of concentrated poverty, not gentrification, is our biggest urban challenge. 2014. City Observatory. With Joseph Cortright.
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Older, Smaller, Better: Measuring how the character of buildings and blocks influences urban vitality. 2014. National Trust for Historic Preservation. Project collaborator.
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Neighborhood Change, 1970 to 2010: Transition and Growth in Urban High Poverty Neighborhoods. 2014. Impresa Consulting. With Joseph Cortright.


Citizen Participation, Open Innovation, and Crowdsourcing: Challenges and Opportunities for Planning. Journal of Planning Literature 28 (1) (February): 3-18. doi:10.1177/0885412212469112

Cover of the Urban Platforms and the Future City with our chapter on political ecology
From the Doing Critical GIS Workshop and Conference
Mobility workshop in Portland
A Facebook data center in Prineville, Oregon
Does more technology bring less equity?
Mapping walk facilitated by Lawrence Brown at #revisitingcritgis
Computer power is a national asset; HP advertisement in DC
A view of Prineville, Oregon from data center overlook