I’m an urban and economic geographer that researches cities, technology, and uneven development. I’m currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Systems at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. I’m also the Graduate Program Director for the Professional Masters in GIS (Just Maps), Affiliate Faculty in the School of Public Policy and the Department of Economics, and a Faculty Fellow at the Hilltop Institute.

As a way to get at the myriad of intersections of my work, I follow the theme mapping capital in my research. This becomes an important starting point to think about absences, presences, the relationship between absence and presence, uneven development, and the process of thinking spatially. For a brief discussion, see my recent piece on Doing Critical GIS with Taylor Shelton.

Recent Publications

Doing Critical GIS. 2022. ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies, 21 (4): 327–336. With Taylor Shelton. ACME open access

Mapping for Whom? Communities of Color and the Citizen Science Gap. 2022. ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies 21 (4): 372–88. With Chris L. Hawn, Erica H. Henry, Deja J. Perkins, Caren B. Cooper, and Sacoby M. Wilson. ACME open access

Mapping Juvenile Justice: Identifying Existing Structural Barriers to Accessing Probation Services. 2021. American Journal of Community Psychology. Special issue on interdisciplinary approaches. With Erika N Fountain. doi:10.1002/ajcp.12474

Political ecologies of platform urbanism: digital labor and data infrastructures. 2020. Chapter in Urban Platforms and the Future City: Transformations in Infrastructure, Governance, Knowledge and Everyday Life. With Anthony M Levenda and John G Stehlin. Routledge link

Reproducing spatial inequality? The sustainability fix and barriers to urban mobility in Portland, Oregon. 2020. Urban Geography 41 (6): 801-822. With Amy Lubitow and MacKenzie A Christensen. doi:10.1080/02723638.2019.1698865


Scenes from Baltimore, E Fayette and N Chester

Most Cited

Socio-spatial differentiation in the Sustainable City: A mixed-methods assessment of residential gardens in metropolitan Portland, Oregon, USALandscape and Urban Planning 148 (April): 1-16. With Nathan McClintock, Michael Simpson, and Jacinto Pereira Santos. doi:10.1016/j.landurbplan.2015

Data Colonialism through Accumulation by Dispossession: New metaphors for daily data. 2016. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 34 (6): 990–1006. With Jim Thatcher and David O’Sullivan. doi:10.1177/0263775816633195

Selected Favorites

Silicon Forest and Server Farms: The (Urban) Nature of Digital Capitalism in the Pacific Northwest. 2019. Culture Machine 18: 1-14. With Anthony M Levenda. MDSoar CultureMachine.net

Beyond the Screen: Uneven Geographies, Digital Labour, and the City of Cognitive-Cultural Capitalism. 2016. tripleC: Communication, Capital and Critique 14 (1): 99-120. With Anthony M Levenda. doi:10.31269/triplec.v14i1.699

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