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Hi, I’m Dillon. I am currently Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and have lived in Baltimore city since 2017.

I’ve always been interested in technology and cities. I’ve lived in 8 cities across 3 continents. During high school, I got an opportunity to work on the software side of the Microsoft Keyboards and Mice team in Redmond, Washington. After high school, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia taking a brief break to work on Microsoft’s .NET Framework in Dublin, Ireland. I then moved to Austin, Texas and worked on the eCommerce Team at National Instruments. In 2009, I moved with my wife to Portland, Oregon to begin graduate school in Urban Studies at Portland State University where I was a Research Associate at City Observatory.

And it’s Mah-moo-dee. Think of how you start to say “map” (rather than mop / MAUP) when you say “Mah.” There’s no hard “k” sound in the name.