I am a PhD Candidate in the Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning at Portland State. I'm interested in: the role, and production, of technology in urban areas; geographies of urban wealth and inequality; and critical quantitative and GIS methods. This is my site where I keep my research, write about coding and GIS, and keep a blog of epic excerpts from things I read.

Current Research

As an economic geographer, my research spans the fields of planning, geography and science, technology and society. I currently split my overarching research interests across three broad projects -- all connected through economic geography, labor and technology. My dissertation research focuses on the expression of value in capitalist production. Specifically, my research focuses on the various place-specific software production processes among different regions and the relationship between different software industry/firms/workers and broad-based economic development, prosperity and inequality. More broadly, my research focuses on the regional socio-industrial re/configurations under cognitive-cultural capitalism. See more under research.

Selected Recent Publications

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