Dillon Mahmoudi


As an economic geographer, my research spans the fields of urban planning, geography, and STS. Labor and technology undergird my research interests across three projects.

Software and Industrial Restructuring

My first research area stems from my dissertation research. My dissertation research focuses on the expression of value in capitalist production. Specifically, my research focuses on the place-specific software production processes among different regions and the relationship between different software agglomerations (industry/firms/workers) and broad-based economic development, prosperity and inequality. More broadly, my research focuses on the regional socio-industrial re/configurations under cognitive-cultural capitalism.

As part of the development of this research, I am working with Greg Schrock to update an Economic Development Quarterly paper regarding high-tech and information technologies across the US.

Planning & Urban Economic Geographies

On CityObservatory, I work with Joe Cortright on a variety of urban-centered questions along both inter-urban and intra-urban levels. We cover topics like economic development policy, geographies of wealth/inequality and social, economic and racial and ethnic diversity and segregation.

In 2013, I co-authored an article published in the Journal of Planning Literature on the role of open-innovation and crowdsourcing in planning. Technologies, the numerous potential development pathways, and nature of adoption in society is core to my research interests.

Critical GIS & Urban Agriculture

My research interests in critical GIS has led me to collaborate with Nathan McClintock to investigate the spatial logics and socioeconomic distribution of urban agriculture in Portland, Oregon. We are currently working on a follow-up manuscript to a paper published in Landscape and Urban Planning.

Additionally, I attended the Revisiting Critical GIS conference in Friday Harbor, WA where I had the opportunity to connect with a number of other critical GIS scholars. We reported out through EPA and are considering other venues for this work.