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David Noble on Apple

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David Noble describing the cult of technology.

"A thousand years in the making, the religion of technology has become the common faith, shared alike by the designers and by those caught up, undone, or destroyed by their godly designs. The popular expectation of deliverance through technology, whatever the abundantly apparent human and social costs, has become the unspoken orthodoxy, and the shared delusion. Thus the 'advance of the arts' is allowed to proceed apace, without scrutiny, without oversight, without social purpose — without reason. Amply aided and indulged by evangelical corporate promoters (Apple Computer sales personal are called 'evangelists') and self-serving governments, the media and the military — and supported by an increasingly desperate populace for whom technological transcendence (as escape) appears to be the only possibility — the architects of the new age wield their priest-like authority with Adamic aplomb as they lead us on their accelerating other-worldly adventure. Criticism is dismissed as irrelevant, and irreverent. Opposition is akin to heresy. Yet for the this-worldly few who remain attuned to more terrestrial trials and tribulations, criticism and opposition have become an urgent imperative. Against this hegemonic system of blind belief, rationality demands resistance -- a struggle not for salvation but for survival."

From David Noble's 1995 book Progress Without People page 142.