Dillon Mahmoudi


We read a lot. I sometimes update them. This is a short collection of quotes that I've flagged while reading that I find interesting, salient, or particularly meaningful.

Nanjala Nyabola on Digital Landlords

Categories: [digital geography]
Excerpts Tags: [digital landlords], [digital inequality]

Nanjala Nyabola challenges the idea that digital technologies, and social media platforms, enhance democracy by describing influence on social media platforms can be bought or sold. In this scenario, she convincingly argues, is more akin to feudalism than democracy.

"Bot farms can only exist and...

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Karl Marx on Nature and Trains

Categories: [digital geography]
Excerpts Tags: [labor], [nature]

Karl Marx on what can be considered nature and the labor associated with transforming nature.

"Nature builds no machines, no locomotives, railways, electric telegraphs, self-acting mules etc. These are products of human industry; natural material transformed into organs of the human will over na...

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Wolfgang Haug on Immaterial Language

Categories: [digital geography]
Excerpts Tags: [immaterial, labor]

Wolfgang Haug on the use of the word 'immaterial.'

"In this sense, one might characterise the practice of the ‘immaterialists’, who have fashioned an essential element of their symbolic capital out of the talk of ‘immaterial labour’, as itself ‘immaterial’. The ‘intellectualisation’ of growing...

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David Noble on Apple

Categories: [digital geography]
Excerpts Tags: [apple]

David Noble describing the cult of technology.

"A thousand years in the making, the religion of technology has become the common faith, shared alike by the designers and by those caught up, undone, or destroyed by their godly designs. The popular expectation of deliverance through technology, wh...

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